Saving Throw Live Stream D&D Game - Spectator

Presented by Saving Throw featuring Tom Lommel

Starting At :
Saturday - 10:00 AM CST
Ending At :
Saturday - 2:00 PM CST
Game Type :
Other Event
Rule Set :
5th Edition D&D
Number of Players :
Available Tickets :
Experience Level :
Newcomers Welcome
Suggested Ages :
Table Assignment :

Come and check out Saving Throw as they broadcast live in support of Extra Life.

The Circle of the Sapphire Sword had it all - treasure, fame, and all the trappings of a successful adventurer’s life. But eventually you tire of delving into greasy caverns and fighting infernal threats and so the Circle disbanded and its various members went their own ways. Now, decades later, they are old, out of shape, maybe even out of touch. But an old foe has risen from the grave to take his revenge. Will the devious lich Maugarr Bloodspeaker break the Circle once and for all, or can our heroes summon one last show of force to defeat him?

Join the always-entertaining cast of Saving Throw Show as Bill Cavalier the Dungeon Bastard takes the DM reins in this special live-streamed event raising funds for Extra Life. Your donations will help effect (maybe even determine!) the outcome. Featuring Amy Vorpahl, Gaurav Gulati, and Dom Zook -- along with very special surprise guests!