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Nov. 6th - 8th, 2015

Words of Wisdom from the greatest crime fighter who ever lived : Kung Fury himself. He's hacked himself back to the future to spread this powerful and potentially life saving advice.
Psst. It's Gamehole Con.

Watch here as Ed Greenwood chimes in on what it takes to make a great convention, and which convention you should never miss!
Psst. It's Gamehole Con.

Want to outfit yourself with some amazing equipment? Then head on over to the Official Gamehole Con Store to find everything you need to be a stylish gamer.

This year's Gamehole Con charity partner is Worldbuilders/Heifer International! Click Here to read more about this partnership!

What Is Gamehole Con?

Gamehole Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest.

Tabletop gamers from around the country gather each November in Madison, WI for this carnival of gaming. Gamehole Con is all about tabletop gaming and all the fun that goes with it. The convention features role-playing games, board games, fantasy and historical miniature gaming, and collectible card games. Gamehole Con is for the fantasy and adventure tabletop gaming enthusiast. Gamehole Con features the best guests in the industry, an unbelievable Dealer Hall and of course, lots and lots of gaming! If you are a tabletop gaming fan, do not miss Gamehole Con!

From The Newsletter!

Pre-registration closes this Thursday, Oct. 15! Register now to save!
2015-10-12 20:09:46

Pre-registration closes Oct. 15, get in now to save time and money on-site!
2015-10-01 16:26:26

Important reminders regarding pre-registration and games submission
2015-09-18 21:19:58

Update on games registration and the winner of the Gen Con Weekend Pass!
2015-09-08 20:14:28

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Important Links

HOTEL INFORMATION is now available.

VENUE INFORMATION should be looked at, as we have moved for 2015.

SPECIAL GUESTS and ARTIST information is definitely worth a peek.

GAMES LISTINGS will be updated as more information becomes available.

VOLUNTEER to help out at Gamehole Con 2015.

OUR 2015 CHARITY PARTNER has been announced!

OUR OFFICIAL STORE is currently stocking all of your Gamehole Con fashion related needs.

THE RODNEY AWARDS are still taking submissions.

2015 Important Dates

Event Submissions Open: April 1st, 2015

Badge Pre-Registration Opens: June 27th, 2015

VIG Event Registration Opens: August 1st, 2015

Full Event Registration Opens: September 5th, 2015

Submissions For The Rodneys Closes: September 8th, 2015

Pre-Registration Closes: October 15th, 2015

  • Free-House-Pub
  • I'mBoard
  • North Texas RPG Convention
  • Buck's Pizza
  • The Game Crafter
  • The Greenwood Group
  • Frog God Games
  • The Three Pillars
  • ACD Distributors
  • Minion Games
  • Legendary Games