Gamehole Con Exhibitor Information

At Gamehole Con, we feel that supporting game companies is also supporting gamers. To that end, we strive to provide the very best mixture of local game stores, publishers, artists and large scale retailers in our exhibition hall. Keep checking back here often to get the latest information about our exhibition hall.

As always, please be sure to check out the Gamehole Con Official Shop to pick up all your Gamehole Con attire and equipment. You can find our official store Here!

Current Exhibitors :

Gamehole Con1
Lisa Sell2
Art of Charles Urbach3
SkeletonKey Games4
Archania's Workshop5
Light Trading Company6
Noble Knight8
Next LVL Geek9
AAW Games10
Anvil 8 Games11
Foam Brain Games12
Noble Dwarf13
Impact Miniatures14
Smugglers Coffee16
Norse Foundry17
Fernwood Designs18
MK Woodcrafts19
Pegasus Publishing20
Beadle and Grimm's21
I'm Board Games & Family Fun22
Alchemy RPG23
Atlas Games24
Free League publishing25
Badger Games LLC28
Misty Mountain Gaming29
Goodman Games30
Black Oak Workshop31
Pacesetter Games and Simulations32
Savage Creations33
Game Mats and More34
Pick Up & Go Games35
Frog God Games36
Pelgrane Press37
The Crafty Gamer38
Limitless Adventures39
Imagining Games40
Chimera Hobby Shop41
Art of David Lee Pancake42
Sleeping Giant Gaming43
Mythica Gaming44
Mythic Arts45
Kobold Press46
Monte Cook GamesLounge

Demo Row Vendors

Universal Horizons
Skeeter Green
Planet X Games
The Huelsman Way
Thunderworks Games
Fight in a Box
Paverson Games
World of Game Design
Castillo Games
Tabletop Gaymers

Artists and Authors

Chris Arneson
Ed Bickford
Jason Braun
Jeff Butler
Brent Chumley
Rey Clark
Hans Cummings
Dan Houser
Doug Kovacs
Matthew Sargent
Tony Szczudlo

Our Dealer Hall!

Check out our 2023 Exhibitor Hall below!