Join Us And Our Sponsors!

This year, Gamehole Con is proud to present evening festivities at our convention sponsored by some really great folks! Each night of the con we will be hosting these free for all comers receptions at the Clarion hotel, just off the convention center itself. So come on out and join your fellow convention goers for some fun and socializing!

Here are some useful links for attendees

Venue Information

Hotel Information

Attendance Policies

Information on our Kid's Track

Important Dates To Remember

Keep checking back for information on 2019dates!

Event Dates - Oct. 31st - Nov. 3rd

Housing Portal Opens - Feb 2nd at 2PM CST

Event Submissions Open - April 14th noon CST

VIG Renewals Open - May 25th noon CST

Main Registration Opens - June 8th noon CST

VIG Event Registration Opens - July 20th noon CST

True Dungeon Tickets Open - July 27th noon CST

General Event Registration Opens - August 10th noon CST

Pre-registration and Event Submission Closes - October 1st