Dungeon of Doom with Stefan Pokorny - LIVE STREAMING GAME!!

Presented by Dwarven Forge featuring Stefan Pokorny

Starting At :
Friday - 10:00 AM CST
Ending At :
Friday - 2:00 PM CST
Game Type :
Role Playing Game
Rule Set :
Ad&D 1e
Number of Players :
Available Tickets :
Experience Level :
Newcomers Welcome
Suggested Ages :
Table Assignment :

Enter the Dungeon of Doom! Stefan Pokorny (The Dwarvenaut) CEO of Dwarven Forge presents a miniature gauntlet of death to amuse and abuse your feeble 1st level, AD&D characters...victims provided (or roll yer own). 15 total tickets will be sold. We will do a roll off and the first 8 will get a seat. As characters get killed waiting players can enter at various “rescue” points in the dungeon. If (more likely when) your character is killed, you can get back in line to re-enter the Gauntlet of Doom!