Saturday Night AD&D - Delve into the Deeps

Presented by Michael Shorten

Starting At :
Saturday - 8:00 PM CST
Ending At :
Sunday - 12:00 AM CST
Game Type :
Role Playing Game
Rule Set :
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1e - Houserules
Number of Players :
Available Tickets :
Experience Level :
Newcomers Welcome
Suggested Ages :
Teens and Up (13+)
Table Assignment :

Jump back to the 70s/80s as we enter the dungeon on Saturday night! You've been hired by a wizard to delve into an abandoned Dwarf stronghold. Can you figure out why they disappeared? What treasures await the brave or foolish? What horrors will you find in a centuries old buried complex? Play in Chgowiz's campaign world and survive! Pregens provided!