The Fine Art of the Micro Dungeon

Presented by Mike Mearls


  • Teos Abadia
  • Shawn Merwin

Starting At :
Saturday - 3:00 PM CST
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Saturday - 4:00 PM CST
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Newcomers Welcome
Suggested Ages :
All Ages (6+)
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Fantasy TTRPG game masters and designers have pursued the concept of the mega dungeon like Captain Ahab on the trail of the white whale. In this talk, you’ll learn how to craft focused, bite-sized dungeons that are compact enough for players to complete in a single, four-hour session, but rich enough that they can’t wait for the next game. We’ll discuss hard earned lessons from writing and running organized play events, the challenges of making the most out of a compact adventure space, and how to keep players focused without resorting to linear dungeon maps.