Hero Camp 2019

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Early Registration for Hero Camp is currently closed. On-Site registration will open up the morning of the event.

Join us this May for the third year of Hero Camp, Gamehole Con's "spring training camp" for Adventurers League. On May 18th and 19th we will once again be hosting up to 16 tables of Adventurers League at Misty Mountain Games in Madison, Wisconsin. We will have CCC modules that tie into the Border Kingdoms storyline you started out at Gamehole Con, as well as offering a running of We Are Grung Too, a fun event with Grung pre-generated characters. Also, new this year we will be offering an additional special event on Friday night. Stay tuned for more details.

Cost for both days of the con is still $40 and covers all event fees. We will be mustering tables at the event, but definitely bring several characters, as we are offering content over a couple of different tiers. Keep your eyes on the Facebook groups for upcoming announcements on the content being offered and our special Friday event.


We will be hosted at Misty Mountain Games (address below) for both days of the event. Parking is free and plentiful, with hotels within a short drive, and several dining options within walking distance. We will be posting a list of nearby hotels in the near future. In addition to plentiful parking, Misty Mountain Games offers many of the products you may find yourself needing during the event. Books, dice, snacks and sodas are all available in addition to all your other gaming needs.


Schedule of Events for Hero Camp will be...

Saturday, May 18th

  • 08:00 - check in Slot 1 mustering.
  • 13:00 - Slot 2 mustering
  • 17:00 - Fai Chen/Dinner Break
  • 19:30 - Slot 3 mustering/Epic

Sunday, May 19th :

  • 0800 - Slot 4 mustering.
  • 13:00 - Slot 5 mustering

CCC Content Offered: (All Border Kingdoms)

  • Tier 1 (4 hour stand alone) - a total of 3 modules
  • Tier 2 (4 hour stand alone) - a total of 3 modules

Special Event - we are currently polling players with options being We Are Grung Too and the Season 8 Epic (3rd release).


Weekend Badge: $40
No additional costs for event tickets. Cost of badge grants a seat at a game table during all time slots.


In addition to registration and access to Misty Mountain for your gaming needs, the registration desk will be offering a selection of Gamehole Con merchandise from previous conventions. This is one of the few places to fill out the gaps in your plushie collection.


Misty Mountain Games
4672 Cottage Grove Road
Madison, WI 53716 (608) 441-0312

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Important Dates To Remember

Keep checking back for information on 2019dates!

Event Dates - Oct. 31st - Nov. 3rd

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Event Submissions Open - April 14th noon CST

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