Dark Colony Reserve copies

Dark Colony Reserve copies

Postby Forgemeister » Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:09 pm

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I'm posting this everywhere, to avoid being lynched.
James M. Ward, Tim Kask and I just finished a new release for the "Dark" series (Dark Outpost, Dark Visitor) entitled Dark Colony.
We missed our print window for Game Hole Con that starts next Thursday (Nov.3rd). I kinda promised a lot of folks we'd have print copy there, so I did a bit of hustling and got it set-up to have some copies printed as pre-release (in full book format, 8.5 x11 trim size with standard heavyweight cover, perfect bound and trimmed). They're expensive, so we don't want to print more than folks want.
Target price for this 124-page book is $35 for this pre-release, and there will be less than 100, and perhaps as few as 25. Here's the thing: Everyone should get a crack at one of these that wants one, they will be signed by the three authors, and numbered (once we know how many are desired) but we're not printing more than 5-6 extras so if you do want one, whether you are coming to Game Hole or not (I would if you can to save on shipping charges) you need to drop an e-mail line to Tim Kask kaskoid@TWC.com. Let him know you want one, and we will save one for you...
Here's hoping this keeps me from being lynched for being late.
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