Running two AD&D events on Saturday

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Running two AD&D events on Saturday

Postby liverpuncher » Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:48 pm

Shameless plug for two games I'm running two games at Gamehole Con - both on Saturday. They're AD&D 1st edition games . (Neither of which is a traditional dungeon crawl; event page: ... D=5&page=1)

#1 Gaming & BS Presents: Relagul's Quest & The Tower of Faces
(6 hrs) Sat 10 AM
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 1st Edition | | Teens and Up (13+)
Presented By : Gaming & BS featuring Nicholas Abruzzo
In the shadowy corner of a tavern your band celebrates the spoils won from an ancient crypt. A capped ancient ivory horn is your most worthy prize - filled with ancient coins.

Suddenly your revelry is cut short by the sound of thunder -- and in seconds you are whisked away. You then appear standing before a black tower. Countess faces swirl in and out of view against its stygian glass. The faces merge together and then a wizened bearded man appears -- and under bushy eyebrows he looks down upon you with a scowl. Heated whispers to your left draw your eyes to two men to your left wearing blue robes. You hear one whisper to the other, "Well it could have been worse."

(This game features lots of role playing with funny voices, miniatures, a few puzzles and plenty of hack-n-slash. Pre-generated characters provided levels 8-10th level).

#2 Gaming & BS Presents: Relagul's Quest & The Secret Temple of Bast (6 hrs) Sat 6 PM
Role Playing Game | Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 1st Edition | Teens and Up (13+)
Presented By : Gaming & BS featuring Nicholas Abruzzo
You first met the fabled wizard Relagul the Magnificent a month ago when you were mistakenly summoned by Horvath and Snodgrass his apprentices, to guard the Tower of Faces. Despite an endless stream of challenges you survived that quest, and were rewarded greatly.

Since then, every night the moon has been full. What was once a welcome sight has now brought dread. For when darkness comes, some have gone mad under its silver light. But you've been blissfully unaware of this unsettling change in the celestial sphere; for the past month you've been luxuriating upon silk pillows, under bejeweled amber curtains living like kings at the Minotaur & the Snake.

While enjoying an evening brandy, with a course of artisan cheeses from the Halfling Halls of Homesong, the fireplace erupts with a blue flame, and suddenly the head of Horvath (Relagul's head apprentice) appears, and after a coughing fit he says,

Champions of the Tower, our master needs you again!
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