Questions re:Gamehole

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Questions re:Gamehole

Postby WhiskeyJack » Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:51 pm

I have a few questions about Gamehole. Having just got back from GenCon, I am already thinking about next year. I used to live in the Chicago/Madison area years ago and am a long-time GenCon attendee (my first was GenCon 17 and I've only missed once since then)... but now I live in New Zealand and I make the trip back to GenCon every year- in part for the con, but also to see my family (who live in the southern Wisconsin area). I am considering ditching GenCon next year and just doing Gamehole... having been a resident of Mad City in the past, I love it and would welcome the change to a smaller con (honestly, GenCon was almost TOO MUCH for me this year, people-wise).

I can't make it this year (as my yearly trip is up), but wanted to ask a few questions that would build a stronger case for my decision (and earn approval of the wife).

One is, what is the expected attendance of the Con this year versus previous years?

Two is, is there any kind of on-site babysitting program?

Three is, I notice that Jeff Martin is on the guest list... any chance for a mini-TD event in 2016?

I appreciate any response I can get (official or not) and really wish we could make two trips a year now that I have read up on what sounds like an exciting alternative. Thanks!
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Re: Questions re:Gamehole

Postby akammer » Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:11 pm

Well great to hear! We hope that you will give Gamehole Con a shot and see how we stack up to Gen Con.

Let's see, as to your specific questions - We are expecting anywhere in the 1,000-1,200 total attendance range this year. In 2014, we had around 775.

We are cautiously optimistic about adding TD to our line up for 2016. Stay tuned on that front.

We do not have a baby sitting service despite virtually all of us having young kids. It is a very complicated process to get something like that put together based on the obvious liability concerns. As a result, we try and make sure that we have lots of good kids activities at our Con to help with this.

Thanks and we hope to see you at GHC in future years!
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Re: Questions re:Gamehole

Postby WhiskeyJack » Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:40 am


Thank you for the response! I've been checking back often, but was starting to get discouraged. :-P Thank you for the response/answers. :-)

My wife and I are both three-star (almost four-star) Pathfinder Organized Play GMs as well as multi-year True Dungeon volunteer veterans (as GM/NPC). Maybe we will be able to help out somewhere.

I am sure it isn't that hard to find babysitting in Madison... who knows, I have one Aunt who might be willing to help out regardless at that point who lives outside of Monroe. I will keep an eye on the Gamehole forums and looking forward to hearing more about how this year's con goes. I wish you guys the best and hope it just builds up more!

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